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High-Fidelity Patient Simulation: A Descriptive White Paper Report – This document details the development of high-fidelity manikin-based patient simulation, the drivers currently pushing change in healthcare provider education, a detailed literature review on the use of manikin-based simulation, and the educational theory that supports simulation-based curriculum. This paper was developed by Dr. David Rodgers, president of Healthcare Simulation Strategies.

Download Simulation White Paper2.pdf

NASA Debriefing Guide – An excellent resource for managing debriefings in healthcare simulation. While the focus of this guide is on debriefing in space flight operations, the techniques used are highly applicable to healthcare simulation.  

Download NASA Debriefing Guide.pdf

Simulation in Action

Many of the more sophisticated manikin-based simulators have the ability to run preprogrammed scenarios. Scenarios may be available from the simulator manufacturer or scenarios can be developed by users to meet their own needs and objectives. Running preprogrammed scenarios instead of operating “on-the-fly” adds several advantages - Simulator response to interventions are automatic and do not rely on the instructor making adjustments to the simulator; Simulator interactions are more consistent from learner to learner; and program directors can assure their objectives are being addressed with every learner.   

Healthcare Simulation Strategies has extensive experience in programming simulator scenarios and is available to help your simulation program take advantage of this simulator feature.