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Society for Simulation in Healthcare -         www.ssih.org

National League for Nursing Simulation Innovation Resource Center -    http://sirc.nln.org/ 

International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning -     http://inacsl.org/

Full-bodied mid- to high-fidelity manikin-based simulators (these manufacturers also produce part-task trainers) -

Gaumard                                 www.gaumard.com                   

Laerdal                                    www.laerdal.com                        

METI                                        www.meti.com                           

Cardiopulmonary assessment simulator (Harvey Simulator) -

Univ. of Miami Center for Research in Medical Education              http://www.crme.med.miami.edu/harvey_changes.html

Part-Task Trainers (manufacturers and suppliers)

Blue Phantom                        www.bluephantom.com          

Denoyer-Geppert                  denoyer.com                                

Limbs & Things                     www.golimbs.com                      

Nasco                                    www.enasco.com                       

Pocket Nurse                         www.pocketnurse.com            

Sawbones                             www.sawbones.com/

Simulab                                 www.simulab.com                      

Simulaids                              www.simulaids.com                   

TruCorp                                 www.trucorp.co.uk/                  

WorldPoint                            www.worldpoint-ecc.com/

Links to products developed by or developed with contributions from Dr. David Rodgers of Healthcare Simulation Strategies -

Laerdal Medical/American Heart Association SimMan ACLS Scenarios


American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor Manual


American Heart Association Core Instructor Course


Rescue Training Associates -

Healthcare Simulation Strategies has teamed with Rescue Training Associates, one of the world's leaders in rescue and disaster medical training, to integrate patient simulation into their courses.


Simulation Innovation Resource Center (National League for Nursing)


Simulation in Action


Simulation has many uses. At left, a patient simulator is prepped as a therapeutic hypothermia patient being prepared for transfer to the ICU. In this use, clinicians were able to use the simulator to prepare for instituting a new therapeutic hypothermia protocol. All needed vascular access was obtained, the simulator had the cooling device attached, temperature monitoring was accomplished by inserting a temperature sensing Foley catheter, and appropriate medications and fluids were administered. When compared to traditional classroom orientation for preparing these clinicians for the new protocol, simulation offered a live, hand-on experience that let these clinicians see exactly how their patient should look upon leaving the emergency department.